Play as Skelly and find all four pieces of the skeleton key  to get out of the dungeon in this Pico - 8 platformer. Explore, jump and change the world around you with the red and blue switch swap blocks. Each of the four areas in the game have their own special mechanics and blocks so watch out. Complete each of the four areas to find their respective key pieces and escape.

Switch Swap Dungeon is a Pico-8 platformer created by me, Mitch_Match. This game was made over 2021. During development I saved multiple versions along the way so feel free to play some older builds on my lexaloffle page here ( ).

Menu Theme  -  "Like Clockwork"

Game Theme  -  "Dimensional Gate"

End Screen  -  "Morning Shower"

All of three the music tracks in this game were made by Gruber. These tracks were made for the "Pico - Tunes 2" project. Please go check out his work he's deserves it.


Here is a full render of the game map, this is all 32 rooms including two rooms that are inaccessible in game. This image is 3552 x 1472 pixels so beware if you're trying to open it somewhere else. Spoilers, obviously. P.S. there's two secret smiley faces hidden somewhere in the game, try to find them by any means necessary : )

Thanks for playing! Special thanks to my freinds and family who tested the game and to Gruber for letting me use his awesome music. If you find any bugs or have any suggestions let me know in the comments I'd love to hear your feedback. 

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorMitch Match
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, PICO-8, Retro, Short, Singleplayer


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surprised that not a lot of people are playing this game lol. Anyways i did a speedrun, anyone think they can beat my time?

ive got to 2 end rooms now (with the gold bar thing) but they are practically impossible to do - too hard.

also found areas i cant seem to get to - question is do these gold bars provide powerups eg double jump that is needed to get these rooms done ?

apart from that its a great game

(1 edit)

bigjus thanks for the comment. There are no power ups in this game, everything is possible with just jumping, wall jumps and switching. I'm currently working on a short walkthrough that will be posted here so look for that if you get stuck in the future.

wow , the walkthrough makes it look so easy ! guess my old fingers just dont work like they used to ... its the bottom 2 routes ive tried and i found them hard as hell :)